My hashnode Christmas Hackathon submition.

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Hi 👋. Today I am going to present to you an app I had built sometime ago. It's called least notes. This app helps you write a message and encode it in a link 🤯. You can share the link anywhere and anyone who clicks it will get directed to a page with the note.

How to use !

First of all, open the app here

Then in the large box that shows up, enter your message and click the save button. You will get a unique URL that represents your message. It may be pretty long depending on the size of your message.


Now share the link. Anybody who clicks it will be able to view your message. peasynotesseemessage


How it works!

The mechanism of this app is pretty simple. The text you enter is converted to a URL safe base64 code. Any text you convert to base64, can be converted back to its original form. The app takes your message and convert to base64. It then display a link containing the base64 code in the form a URL endpoint to the app . When you click the URL, the app server, through routing will take care of converting the base64 code back to its original text. It will then be dislayed to you.

I got inspiration to build it from this tweet :

Source code :

Live app :


Comments (2)

Jome Favourite's photo

It's really nice, I like to know what tools you used. The source code link isn't working

Josias Aurel's photo

I just fixed that. Thank you. I used python and flask + vanillajs to build that app.